Why us

  • At Ghana International School, students don't just study the world. They are learning to thrive in it. But more than that, they're achieving a global perspective that values differences and diversity. They're engaged in a challenging academic program that includes acquiring a second language in an open-minded and intercultural environment.
  • From every perspective, a world of difference.
  • Ghana is one of only a few schools that can claim full participation. In addition to paving the way for entrance to the finest universities worldwide, the school program prepares students to excel in higher education and beyond.
  • Fully qualified and experienced in their respective fields, Ghana faculty members come to us from six continents, bringing best practices in international education to our campus. All are well trained, most are multilingual with advanced degrees, and many have taught at leading schools around the world. In addition, a majority of our faculty are native speakers of the languages they teach; this enriches the learning experience by enabling our students to make cultural connections as well.
  • Now more than ever, education must prepare students to succeed in a globally connected and interdependent world. At Ghana, we provide students with the necessary tools - the knowledge, skills and perspective they'll need to learn, grow and thrive.