Thanks to our strong track record in delivering the British curriculum to children of many backgrounds, demand for a place at Ghana International School is highly competitive.
To avoid disappointment, the Principal advises that applications be made at the earliest opportunity. In certain circumstances, diplomatic missions and international corporations may be in a position to reserve spaces for families expected to live in Saudi Arabia. This is at the Principal’s discretion and a representative must visit the school to discuss specific requirements.


The Process


Once the necessary registration fee has been paid, your application will be considered. We will strive to inform you within the month that you apply in if your application has been successful. For example, if you apply in the middle of June, you will be notified by the end of June. You will be notified either by letter or by email, so please ensure you give us the correct contact information.

PLEASE NOTE: A YEAR-LONG WAITING LIST DOES NOT EXIST. If your application has been unsuccessful, you will NOT be placed on a waiting list for a year or years. Occasionally if a student leaves unexpectantly, we may be in a position to offer a place within the academic year you applied for, but this is NOT GUARANTEED. If after your application is unsuccessful yet you wish to still pursue a place at Ghana International School for your child, it is highly recommended that another application is made stating the new year of entry you want to apply for.



When submitting a student application to the school, a Registration Fee must be paid before the application is processed.

To obtain the full fee schedule for the current academic year, please download from school documents file section